Legal policy

The information contained herein this site is based on traditional Ayurveda knowledge and our practical experiences of treatment at DARF, however we strongly recommend the guidance of registered Vaidyas(Ayurveda practitioner) for the administration of medicines. We do not propose to reserve any rights regarding the information contained herein, all information is free for all to use constructively, for the benefit of mankind. We invite Vaidyas and herbalogists as well as cancer research teams/individuals to further the work of research and use any data from this web site, if they find it useful, further assistance in research will be made available on request. We strongly recommend all interested persons to come and participate in our education programme, which the experts at DARF will conduct and guide. As the nature of the work is charity. The small token charge we take is only towards meeting the expenses. And participating in our education programme automatically makes you eligible for life-long guidance from the experts at DARF.

One and all are invited to come and share our experience and knowledge in the benefit of humanity.